By no means perfect, but a solid trail shoe that can go the distance.

+ Having passed the 1000km milestone in my Primus Trail Soft Grounds, I feel well placed to say they're a resilient trail shoe. Unlike most running trainers, reaching this kind of mileage doesn't mean the end for a barefoot shoe. Sure, the lugs have worn down so much that they're far less effective through the mud, but that is mainly down to the fact I have worn them year-round. The way I see it, they have taken on a second life as a 'firm ground' version of the Primus Trail.

- I bought these shoes on REVIVO, in next to brand new condition. Immediately I noticed they were quite tight around the ankle. I do prefer greater freedom for ankle mobility and other online reviews confirm I am not the only person to have found this. In fact, one reviewer even cut away material to create a looser fit. I wouldn't go that far, as they will loosen up the more you wear them. Plus, VIVOBAREFOOT are very good with returns, so best to take that option if they aren't for you.

bear foot Rating: 4/5

This is an old style and no longer available, but you can explore other options by clicking the link below to the VIVOBAREFOOT store. I would also recommend visiting to look for discontinued styles at discounted prices.